We maintain a sharp focus on small business. We instil confidence in our clients by providing peace of mind through accurate, timely and useful bookkeeping services.

We take care of your books so you can focus on building and managing your business. If any of the following is true then we can help you: bkp3 small

  • Are you tired of employing Bookkeepers again and again?
  • The Bookkeeper leaves the job frequently?
  • Tired of paying employee expenses?
  • End up with unprofessional Bookkeeper?
  • The Bookkeeper cannot reply to all the queries made by the management regarding accounts?
  • Your Bookkeepers make excessive mistakes?
  • Your work goes pending while arranging a new Bookkeeper?
  • Even after incurring high costs still unable to get the results?
  • Huge backlog of work?
  • Not available when you need them?

We provide bookkeeping services to business on a monthly or quarterly basis at your request.